Suited Systems Combat Utility Uniform -First Look

We stock a large number of Suited Systems products and will try to provide some information on them in this and further posts.

A little back story on the company, Suited Systems/SRC Brasa is a Latvian military contractor, that has done a lot of work for our military and has experience in GWOT theaters both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Suited Systems is mainly a brand, which produces a much higher quality product for the civilian and MIL/LEO markets, so not the lowest bidder in fact. All of their ”commercial” products are produced according to NATO standards and meet other quality requirements including ISO certification.

This time we will look into their combat/field uniform set, which is available in multiple color ways and camouflages and if you have deep enough pockets (as you would need to place a bulk order) any color you wish (yes probably even that pink tigerstripe if it can be sourced in quality material that Suited Systems use) for purposes of this review we are using the Multicam set.

We will go from top to bottom and start with the blouse

The jacket has a high mandarin collar that can be worn up to protect the neck in the field and down for garrison duty. Although it lacks Velcro on the outside to attach rank or other insignia, more on that later.


Going lower we have two strips of Velcro tape for name tapes and branch or rank insignia, this is what we would use in Latvia, name tape and rank tape.


Under the Velcro tapes there are two chest pockets with Velcro closures, overall the uniform has a lot of similarities to the ACU cut at least the UCP variant this author is more familiar with (I have now officially referred to myself in third person in writing, is there an achievement?)

In between pockets we have this for rank slides, which Latvian military so far does not use, this points once again to the fact that these are made for foreign markets. It doesn’t have a button like the MTP uniform instead using Velcro,so its less obtrusive, but it also opens from the bottom not the top.

It has two sleeve pockets completely covered in Velcro, they are quite basic on the inside. Theres also a very nice pull tab which is good when you have bulky gloves on, or any gloves in fact, when you are in the field.

Above the sleeve pocket theres a small patch of Velcro, great for affixing IFF/IR tabs (theres several of these on the blouse)


The blouse has two way zippers, as well as additional Velcro closures

Cuffs are Velcro adjustable and theres a lot of it, its also quite thick unlike some blouses and jackets we know its not likely to tear when applying a little bit of force


Next lets look at the trousers. Top to bottom


First thing to point out is the cut of the waist line, the back side is longer which ads that extra bit of comfort

Taking a quick look on the inside, these pants accept suspenders and Suited Systems makes a set of X-type combat suspenders that are quite good, but you can use any others that will interface with the loops or find a way to modify them. Notice the mesh for the back pockets

Waist is Velcro adjustable on both sides


Gear loops on bottom of belt loops, great for something like securing a personal retention lanyard carabiner when not in use

The pants have button closure and use Canadian style buttons, having tested a pair of MTP pants quite thoroughly I can say I trust these.

Zippered fly, sadly not double zippers sided like the blouse, which would have been a nice touch not even many more expensive brands have


The back pockets have dual closure as well as Canadian style buttons, this is a trend throughout the trousers. The pockets are quite slim on the outside most of the bulk will be noticeable on the inside, not necessarily a good things. I don’t like the small strip of Velcro , but the flap covering the buttons means you won’t be accessing these in a hurry if you do close both, the slit is big enough for average hands like mine to fit four digits minus thumb.

Dual cargo pockets, again dual closure. They also have pull tabs. The pants do have upper pockets but they are very basic and considering that often these would be used with battle belts and other gear, they are not really that necessary, I for one have never stored anything in upper pockets once loaded down with gear.

Pull tabs, Suited Systems brand logo and loops under the flap

Cargo pockets will fit two P-mags each with ease

Drainage holes on the bottom of the cargo pocket


Now the lower pockets are the only ones on the trousers that are single closure, Velcro only, theres really not much to tell about these. Maybe they should be higher, you might be OK if you blouse your boots, but if you tuck they might be unusable not to mention uncomfortable. They are quite large in comparison to some others and I have never found much use for them anyway, but thats just a personal preference. I know people use them for med packs, but I’ve seen smokes and dip more often

The Velcro is nice and wide on these though


Very basic shock cord adjustment on the trouser cuffs


This is also a nice touch, you can hook the pants into boot laces. Although Suited Systems only use high quality mil-spec materials, I would have preferred it to be made from fabric and secured with a snap closure or at least Velcro, instead of the plastic hook

Now a bit about about build quality and everything else, I didn’t go into specifics of various reinforcements on purpose, this is a standard set of field uniform, it has all the regular reinforcements any high end mil-spec uniform will have, and has a high build quality.

The part about fire resistance is inked out on purpose, you can order these uniforms with fire resistant materials. Suited Systems offer to make additional changes if you order in bulk, and then most likely sky is the limit. We do carry a fire resistant set in our store, but its a smock set, we might look into it later.

Suited Systems uses quality brands where it can, both trousers and blouse use YKK zippers. Their bags for example use ITW Nexus buckles made in the USA


Both trousers and blouse use a Cotton/Cordura blend


Suited Systems does not outsource to China or some other place, all products are produced right here in Europe in a modern ISO certified factory.



EDC – Every Day Carry


EDC vai Everyday carry, vistiešāk būtu tulkojams kā ikdienas komplekts. Tās ir lietas, ko ņemt līdzi ikdienā ar noteikumu, ka tām ir pielietojums, piemēram, vienkāršs dekoratīvs piekariņš nebūs EDC sastāvdaļa, taču piekariņš, kas kalpo kā pudeļu attaisāmais – būs.

Kā cilvēki izvēlās EDC? Patiesībā nav viena noteikta veida kā to darīt, viens no galvenajiem kritērijiem ir vai jūs varat tam atrast pielietojumu kā arī dizains. EDC nav jābūt priekšmetam, ko jūs lietojat katru dienu. Tas var būt pudeļu attaisāmais, kuru jūs lietojat pāris reizes nedēļā, vai mazs skrūvgriezis, kuram pielietojumu jūs atrodat reizi mēnesi.  Taču, ja kāds priekšmets tiek lietots reti, izvērtējiet vai tas jums ir nepieciešams. Daudz cilvēku, kas lieto EDC, domā arī par komplekta svaru un to, cik daudz vietas tas aizņem jūsu kabatās vai somās.

Izvērtējot cik daudz vai maz dažādu priekšmetu ir tavā komplektā, izmēģini dažādas kombinācijas un dažādus priekšmetus no EDC klāsta. Nereti cilvēki iekļauj vairākus EDC priekšmetus, kas pilda vienas un tās pašas funkcijas, tie var būt darbarīki, noderīga lieta ikdienā. Cilvēks, kas tos izmanto EDC, bieži apzinās, ka šī lieta viņam ir kabatā līdzās un to var lietderīgi izmantot konkrētai darbībai. Bieži EDC aprīkoti ar dažādām funkcijām – skrūvgriezis, nazis, seškantu komplekts, pudeļu attaisāmais utt. Lielākā priekšrocība, ka EDC ikdienā tev “atvieglo dzīvi” – nav jāmeklē speciāls instruments, lai attaisītu iepakojumu vai atskrūvētu uzgriezni, bet tev pa rokai ir EDC un to visu tu vari izdarīt uzreiz vienas rokas stiepiena attālumā. Pie tam EDC labi izskatās un ir stilīgs.